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What is Fruitsalad™?

Fruitsalad™ is an innovative manual assistance tool delivered in the form of a Chrome Extension. Our application supports a wide number of retailers and eCommerce stores and aids the user in checking out clothing, apparel, collectables and even sneaker bots with ease with the minimal amount of manual interaction.

We are constantly adapting and improving our product by adding more stores so be sure to check our Twitter account often for the latest news and updates.

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We believe in being transparent and professional. You can cancel your Fruitsalad™ subscription at any time via the easy to use User Dashboard, and the best part? You can join back anytime you wish!

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Don't just take our word for it. You can view our genuine user success via our Twitter account below.


Everything you need


Create your profiles inside Fruitsalad and have your checkout details instantly inputed into a wide range of supported websites allowing you to spend less time frantically trying to find your wallet and more time checking out items that go out of stock within seconds.


Select your preferred size(s) into Fruitsalad and watch as our extension instantly carts your desired product at a much faster rate than the average person.


With ACO enabled you can have Fruitsalad instantly float through the full checkout procedure on numerous stores without you needing to lift a finger.


Requests mode allows you to compete with some of the best desktop bots on the market by offering similar level cart and checkout speeds on numerous websites.


Save your PayPal credentials inside Fruitsalad and have our extension instantly sign in and finalise any checkout which requires PayPal in order to complete the process.


Restock mode allows you to leave Fruitsalad open with a URL of your choice in the hopes of securing a product from a random restock.


Keep track of your purchases via our analytics found inside Fruitsalad. You can also set a webhook and watch your success as it flies in.


With our custom mode you can create your own autofill and button select options so you can use Fruitsalad on any website, even if we don't officially support it!


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